Good design is not always available near you. It must be searched and found.

Started with an idea to bring good design closer to you, Somwher selects products based on values we respect— history, materiality, originality, design, craftsmanships, as well as key persons we know well.

Pieces can be a modern chair by historical wood maker in Japan, ping-pong table inspired by industrial-age from reputable design firm in Vietnam, and other pieces that are in-line with contemporary layouts.

Plan ahead and allow some time as the pieces are freshly made from its origins.

At Somwher, you might get it.

Currently, we carry 3 brands with 3 unique characters

District Eight is a design workshop based in ho Chi minh City. the firm is focusing on the use of woods, cast irons and concretes. From industrial-inspired tables to solid games selection that you might not get it everyday.

Maruni is a pioneer in the wood industry with more than 90 years of experience. today, big names such as naoto Fukasawa, Jasper morrison and Sanaa collaborate to recreate faithful and intricate new forms. Maruni’s philosophy is good for the people and good for the earth.

Stellar Works is a Japanese-owned brand based in Shanghai. Powered by renown designers such as neri&hu, vilhelm Wohlert, nic Graham, Space Copenhagen, Yabu Pushelberg among others. Bringing freshness into heritage and innovation with enduring craftsmanship.